Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Has George Orwell's Prediction Come True?

Before I begin going deep into this blog, let me begin by explaining the title for those who don’t know.

George Orwell was an author. In 1948, he “predicted” that by the year 1984, all of mankind would be run by the government and its leader Big Brother. He thought the government would actually tell us what to do, when to do it, how to do it, what to believe, what to think, etc. The book “1984” is actually where we get the term Big Brother.

Now, has Orwell’s prediction come true? I believe it has; not word for word but pretty close, and sooner than 1984. We live in America, land of the free, but are we really? Let’s look back in history. It’s true people came to this land looking for religious freedom. These people were Christians, looking for a place to practice a new sector of Christianity. Once our country began to form, the Constitution was written. The first amendment guarantees five freedoms, one of which was religion. Keep in mind this document was written by Christians. As time went by, a way of governing Americans came to be, creating laws and statements they had to abide by. Generation A was new to these laws so they had to learn them quick. Once Gen-B came, Gen-A passed down what they knew and believed. The cycle repeated for generations. After so many generations, a society has built up a standard of way of being. The government sees this and uses it as a way to control society’s thoughts. For instance, during the Civil War. Up until this time, society has thought white men were superior because the government told them so. Also keep in mind, the government was made up of all whites. Lincoln saw a change was needed and freed the slaves. This also goes for Martin Luther King Jr. Even after blacks had freedom, they were still treated as inferiors. Then there was the Women’s Movement. The government (who was made of men) made society believe men were stronger than women. Many women proved them wrong. In 1990, there was a Disability Movement. Now, there’s a Homosexual Movement. All these movements are happening because the government, over the years, has told society that all these people are minorities. This is the way society works; one generation learns from the previous, and the government has always been there as a backbone to society’s teachings since the dawn of America. I don’t believe that the government should control society as it does. Society believes what it believes because of what the government has told them over the past 232 years. Society builds trends and traditions. This is what creates a society, but don’t we need to think as individuals and have our own values? And this goes beyond minorities. It’s also about lifestyles, as I presented in my “Education and Money” blog. The government wants us to believe we have to attend college in order to succeed in life. You really don’t. Is it true the more college we have, the more money we make? No, it’s not. It’s the education that matters. You don’t have to attend college to receive that education. If you really expand your mind, you’ll know where to find the knowledge you are seeking. And is more money the best thing in the world? No, I believe love is. The government has society believing money is needed to survive. When in fact, it’s not. Think how cavemen survived; money wasn’t invented yet. Money is just a luxury. We think we need money to pay bills, but the amounts of those bills are set by employers who work for the government. So if no amount is set, there is no bill, therefore no reason for a paycheck. Also, I’m sure all of us know what taxes are and FICA. These are percentages of money paid back to the government for government purposes. Some of this goes to people, such as SSI & food stamps, and other goes to community services, such as revamping roads and buildings. But again, all these uses are because of bills with amounts set by the government. So once again, if there are no amounts set, there is no need for taxes, or money.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone in all that I said. I just meant to speak on how the government controls society as a whole and it’s up to us individuals to see through that and go with our hearts. Does anyone agree with my opinion? That Big Brother is watching over us?


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