Thursday, August 28, 2008

Questioning the Unexplained

This blog is not intended to offend anyone regarding their religion. I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want. I’m just speaking my opinions, comments, and questions on things that come to mind. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

America is a land with freedom of religion, which means we all have our own beliefs and ideas and concepts. Religion is just a way of explaining the unexplained, which can be interpreted in various ways. That’s why there are different religions. Again, this concept of “freedom of religion” was created by Christians. As I said before, this is what society was built upon, the Christian belief. However, three concepts occurred to me that just don’t add up.

Society wants everyone to be perfect because the Christian God made us that way. The Christian God from the beginning is the same Christian God at the end. So, the Christian God knows everything and can predict the future. When the Christian God created Adam and Eve, the Christian God created them perfect with free will. The future held that they would abuse that privilege and end up not being perfect. The Christian God knew this so it seems the Christian God, although good-hearted, used this so it would look like the Christian God would be the only perfect being in existence, free of evil and sin, and has done a good deed by giving people free will. Since they abused that privilege, no other person has been so-called “perfect”, according to society. Why should their mistake affect future generations who had nothing to do with that mistake? Every person is an individual in his or her own right. Wouldn’t we all love to be perfect in our own way? However, there are many definitions of evil and perfection, which I may get into in my next blog. Not everyone has the same set of standards as society does, which is what my previous blog was about. I'm just pointing out the fact that if the Christian belief was true about Adam and Eve, the Christian God is no worse than mankind itself, in the sense of selfishness and egotistic.

Also, I'm sure everyone’s heard the phrase “let there be light”. Christians associate light with the Christian God and dark with Satan. In other words, Satan is the ruler of everything relating to the darkness. Sure, because Christians believe there is only one god, the Christian God rules all. But why was there darkness to begin with? Was there a “let there be dark”? Why did dark come before light? It would seem like light would come first unless the Christian God had some motive. Could Satan already have been in existence before light or was it later that Satan was put in charge of it? Christians believed Lucifer, or Satan, rebelled and decided to be in the darkness, or possibly that was Satan’s punishment. Either way, could the motive be the Christian God created darkness for Satan and others who opposed the light? The Christian God could predict the future and known it would happen. Hence, a possibility why darkness came first; to be prepared. Even so, why did the Christian God even create a place for evil and imperfection, which could go back to the argument in the above paragraph? On the other hand, could Satan have lived and created darkness before the Christian God, which goes against the Christian belief that Lucifer, or Satan, didn’t come into existence until after the Christian God? Which is also why Satan is in charge of it.

Again, it is illegal and frowned upon nowadays to marry or even have relations with a relative. Therefore, it's a sin, according to the Christian belief. But think about this concept: when the Christian God created Adam and Eve, did the Christian God not foresee that their children would not populate the Earth? It seems to me that would be a sin according to today's society’s standards. Why would this be acceptable back then and not now? I can see that the Earth needed to be populated and now it’s overpopulated, but still, why was it okay then and wrongful today? I’m not saying I’m for it. I just don’t understand why an act that is wrongful today in the eyes of Christians and society was once right in the past. If anything, it should be the other way around; something that was new seemed to be wrong and is misunderstood is now understood and acceptable. Nobody seems to recognize this concept in a Christian church or in society.

Could these be conspiracies? Again, any comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.


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Brandon said...

Hmmm. Deep thoughts. I see the point you're trying to make, but I disagree with the accuracy of some of your points

1) Our forefathers created the concept of "freedom of religion." Yes, they were Christians, but this was done for purely political purposes and not religious.

2) One of the tenets of Christianity is that NO ONE is perfect. We were not made perfect, and we will never be perfect. We all have our flaws. Adam and Eve were made to be innocent, but they were not perfect. If they were, then they would not have been deceived in the Garden.

3) As a Christian, I don't associate darkness with Lucifer. I don't know anyone who does. Darkness is just the absence of Light; so when God said, "Let there be Light," what was there before was the opposite of Light: Darkness.

4) If you read through the book of Genesis, it actually talks about other people being on the planet after the fall of Eden. Adam and Eve were created first, but He didn't stop there.