Monday, December 22, 2008

"Individualists Are One"?

Now that I’ve given you my philosophy on being an Individualist, what does “Individualists Are One” actually mean?

I chose this title for my series of blogs because it has multiple meanings. The first means that each Individualist has his or her own ideas and beliefs; and therefore, unique in his or her own way. Thus, stating Individualists each are one unique, individual being. The second relates to the fact that Individualists can assemble together to achieve the goal of individualism. Thus, stating Individualists together are one as a whole defending for their right for the expression of their individuality.

Deep down, we all have our own ideas and beliefs, and this is the place where Individualists Are One.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is an Individualist?

Previously, I have discussed different philosophies and my personal philosophy; however I have yet to discuss or even define what actually is an Individualist. The next paragraph describes my philosophy of what is an Individualist.

Individualists are leaders. Individualists embrace their own thoughts, ideas, concepts, and beliefs, and defend their right to express their individuality. Individualists do not persuade in any way, shape, or form their lifestyle on others; however, they may influence and educate others by their words or actions reflecting their lifestyle. Individualists, even though may not all agree on a particular subject, may assemble as a group to protect their right for the expression of their individuality against others who may consider Individualists are a minority who must follow standards set by the majority of society, to achieve the goal of individualism rather than conforming to the philosophy of any individual or group specifically.

Does anyone agree or have any comments?