Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hidden Christian Conception of Humankind

It is said that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman. According to the Christian Bible, this is incorrect. Because it is only stated briefly, the first half of the story is disregarded as the truth. Although it is true Adam is the first man to walk the Earth, Eve was not the first woman; she was the second. At the same moment The Christian God created the perfect man Adam from the land of the Earth, He created the perfect woman from the land of the Earth as well. It was not until later she was named Lilith. Adam demanded that Lilith submit unto him but she refused. She knew that they were created equally and she does not have to submit unto him nor does she expect Adam to submit unto her. Therefore, she decided to leave the Garden of Eden to explore the world and leave Adam alone in the Garden. Yearning for a better woman, Adam prayed and begged to The Christian God to give him another one. In response, The Christian God took a rib from Adam and created another perfect woman Eve. This time, because she was created for and from Adam, hence created unequally, she submitted unto him. During this time, an angel named Lucifer was watching and He instantly fell in love with Lilith, but knew they could not be together because He was an angel and she was human. Discouraged, He wanted to show how unappreciative Eve was for submitting unto Adam by testing her will. While He talked to Lilith, He sent an angel ally of His named Samael, in the form of a Serpent, to give Eve the chance to know how it feels to have a choice in life. As it turns out, Eve gave into temptation by eating the pomegranate then tempted Adam into eating it. They both were punished by The Christian God by losing their perfection and getting expelled from the Garden of Eden. Lilith, on the other hand, fell in love with Lucifer upon meeting Him. He explained to her that they cannot be together because they are of different entities, but He has the ability to convert her into an angel. Lilith made a deal with Lucifer: He would give her the gift of immortality and queen of His domain as long as she would bear Him human sons to carry on His thrown on Earth. With this agreement, Lucifer made Her an angel still containing human essence, making Her the very first succubus, or vampiress. After being exiled from the Garden, Adam and Eve conceived and gave birth to many sons and daughters. The first two sons, Cain and Abel, both had twin sisters to conceive many sons and daughters, but both of the female twins wanted Abel. In a jealous rage, Cain murdered Abel. As punishment, The Christian God had Cain venture the world alone. Upon seeing Cain and knowing of his past, Lilith introduced Herself to him. He instantly fell in love with Her and they conceived and gave birth to sons and daughters, who became heirs to Lucifer’s domain. Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, conceived and gave birth with his sister Azura to many sons and daughters. To this day, Lucifer and Lilith, now a full angel, remain king and queen of the domain, overseeing the two bloodlines that have been spreading over the planet: one with (Cain’s line) and one without (Seth’s line) Lilith’s blood and perfection.