Monday, June 23, 2008

The Reason for Marriage

The blog I posted prior to this one relates to what marriage means to you. It was and is intended for those of you who wish to get married, are married, or have been married.

My next question is: for those of you who wish to get married, why do you wish to get married? And for those who are married or have been, why did you get married? Please be honest with yourself and with me when answering this question.

I wish to get married so that I can share that special bond with my sweetheart so that she truly knows that I love her and will be by her side forever. I will never leave her. She is my one true love. I have never felt this deep of a love before, as it breaks my heart when we are apart. I want her to know I am ready to compromise and sacrifice things for her. I’ll be there when she needs me. There’s nothing in this universe I wouldn’t do for her. I care about the level of love and passion that goes along with marriage. I want her to have my last name. I feel at home when I’m with her.

Please respond with explanations and please respond to my last blog. I want to read your opinions!


Friday, June 20, 2008

The Meaning of Marriage

To me, marriage is more than a piece of paper. Marriage is about the bond of love you have with someone else. It’s about knowing you’ll love them for the rest of your life and beyond. It’s about knowing you’ll be there for them when they need you the most, and even when they least expect it. It’s about the feeling of happiness when you are with them; that they make you a better person. It’s about the compromises and sacrifices you are willing to make because you love them as much as you do. It’s about the passion you share and knowing you have never felt this way about anyone else but them and never will. It’s about a commitment to them that your hearts beat as one and not even death will pull you apart. It’s about feeling a sense of belonging to each other and making each other whole, as you need each other each and every day. Marriage is much more than a piece of paper and money; marriage is the connection two people have full of love, commitment, and sense of belonging.

This is what marriage means to me. When I say a sense of belonging, I do not mean that you cannot live without the person, but rather you enjoy the fact that you have someone to wake up to, go to bed with, and come home to. You know you can trust and rely on the person, someone to call home.

Now that I’ve shared my opinion on marriage, please tell me your definition of marriage. In other words, what does marriage mean to you? Responses will be well appreciated.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Being Successful

We all grow up wanting to be successful. But what does it actually mean to be successful? The true definition of being successful is having your goals achieved. Everyone has dreams and wishes, and hopefully does everything in their power to accomplish them. Or at least this is what society tells us. Which leads me to my real question… just because you are successful, does it mean you are also happy? I believe not. There are many people out there who think they are successful, but are not happy. I’m not frowning down upon the following people, but they give you something to think about. Is Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Steve Jobs (back in 1984) truly deep down happy? I don’t think they are. Many people today think that money is the key to everything and will make you happy. You can have 5 houses, people wait on you hand and foot, and you can afford just about anything you want, but that won’t fulfill your heart. There’s one thing I know for sure that money cannot absolutely buy and that is love. Love is something that is precious and needs to be treasured for all time. Earlier it was said that success can be obtained by achieving your goals. Sure, your goal could be making money to live a better life, but why do you need money to live a better life? This subject can be covered from my first blog. Concrete objects shouldn’t be a necessity. It’s abstract things that should be treasured, like love, peace, and harmony. Society has molded our minds into believing that we need the best of the best. We don’t. This is where advertisers and manufacturers obtain most of their income. Just because something newer seems to have more advantages than an older model doesn’t mean the older model is useless. Also, being CEO of a company doesn’t make a person any better than being one of the production workers. If you enjoy your job and it allows you to help other people, that’s all that matters. Society is trying to make us successful in any way possible, when in fact, we should be concentrating on becoming happy. Only through happiness can one be successful. Happiness is the feeling of personal satisfaction and a state of well-being. When you become happy, you know you are successful. You feel it inside your heart.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Education, Money, and Love

There are so many things in life that make us who we are and who we become. This all goes back to the popular nature versus nurture question. Nature defines us from the time we are born and nurture develops as we grow older. Many of you read my previous blog that dealt with education and money. Most of you agree with me, however I still had those who were unclear of the statement I was making. We attend college to educate ourselves. Through this education, we go out and obtain a job in which we utilize the skills we learn. My point was why do we need a piece of paper to show that we can do the job? What if we could have the same education without the degree? Would he or she be any less suitable for the job? Of course not! They both are capable of getting the job done. I’m not saying the education should be free. Nothing is free. Karma will always be around. When I’m getting an education, I much rather return the favor by tutoring students who are in need of help. A teacher helping me in an area of study and I help a student in an area of study. This is the way the world was originally set up. I haven’t lost the original beat of the drum. Over the many years, society has molded our minds into a certain way of thinking… mostly that everything is based off of money. It’s individualists like myself who really see through that and enjoy the way Mother Nature gave us the world. I love what I do, which is helping people with disabilities and tutoring students in mathematics. Knowing I’m contributing to improve the world is one of the greatest gifts.

Can we apply the same rule to other aspects to our lives? I don’t see why not. What about love? Has society morphed our minds so much that when we are in love, we need a ring and a piece of paper to show it? No! I can even back this up with something simple as buying a card. Why has our society become so materialistic? Sure, it’s the thought that counts but can’t we use Mother Nature’s beauty to show it, such as a flower? There are so many ways that Mother Nature has given us to express our love for one another. Why can’t we use one of them? Love is nature’s greatest gift. I’m glad I found it.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Education and Money

This blog is not in any way intended to put down those who have college degrees or who are working towards to obtain one. Nor is it to discourage future college students who want to get their degree. If you have one, great. If you are obtaining one, that’s great too. I am simply just stating my opinion about college and society.

I don’t think a piece of paper should define who you are and determine if you get a job or not. You know what you know. Education is really about the passion for learning. If you wish to learn, you will. In doing so, you will improve the skill that you are learning. You shouldn’t be given a grade for that. It’s a matter of what you know and how well you know it. You don’t need a grade or diploma to tell you that. If someone asks you to build a computer, you should know if you can or not by your education. If you can, great… a job offer for you. If not, study more. And it’s a lot easier to study these days because of the wide range of resources, including the internet. If you know the problem, most likely you’ll find the solution by “Googling” the problem. This also links into a territory that I’d like to mention: education should be free. Why do we pay for college? In the United States, elementary and high school education is free, so why shouldn’t college be too? Is it because it’s in a specialized field? Before college, we learned basic skills in academics and broadened our social skills. Once we get to college, we enter a specialized field of our choice, but we are still around the same socialization. However, our experiences change in socialization for the most part because we are totally independent. We are still around people who are learning though, which is good, as we can look upon one another for guidance. We are called students… who are taught by teachers. But what is the real difference? Sure, they’ve been studying our fields for a long time, but aren’t they still learning as well? After all, most professors are doing research, in turn teaching themselves. Shouldn’t the students be doing that as well?... With the help of our fellow classmates, who could teach us as well, which is what the teacher is doing. So again, why are we paying for an education when we can teach ourselves and share ideas with our fellow peers? Is it because the teacher has a degree and the students don’t? That brings me back to my initial idea. Do you think Plato paid Socrates for his knowledge? I think Socrates just had open lectures to anybody who was interested. That’s another thing about how our society works. Why are we concerned about money? Sure, everything has a value, but why do we need to round it to the nearest dollar or cent? Why can’t we be more karmatic? What I mean by that is… if I do something nice for you, why can’t you do something nice for me, or vice versa? If you mow my lawn, I’ll vacuum your house. If you fix my computer, I’ll give you spare parts. If you buy today’s lunch, I’ll buy tomorrow’s. These are all good examples. Another one dealing with education… if you share your ideas, I’ll share mine. Granted being an amateur, you still have your research resources to formulate your ideas. All in all, I think education should come without barriers and how much you know about a subject should get you a job, not a degree. Our society has molded our minds into thinking a certain way. Keep in mind, even though we do bond together as a whole, we are still individuals with individual thoughts and ideas.