Monday, June 16, 2008

Being Successful

We all grow up wanting to be successful. But what does it actually mean to be successful? The true definition of being successful is having your goals achieved. Everyone has dreams and wishes, and hopefully does everything in their power to accomplish them. Or at least this is what society tells us. Which leads me to my real question… just because you are successful, does it mean you are also happy? I believe not. There are many people out there who think they are successful, but are not happy. I’m not frowning down upon the following people, but they give you something to think about. Is Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Steve Jobs (back in 1984) truly deep down happy? I don’t think they are. Many people today think that money is the key to everything and will make you happy. You can have 5 houses, people wait on you hand and foot, and you can afford just about anything you want, but that won’t fulfill your heart. There’s one thing I know for sure that money cannot absolutely buy and that is love. Love is something that is precious and needs to be treasured for all time. Earlier it was said that success can be obtained by achieving your goals. Sure, your goal could be making money to live a better life, but why do you need money to live a better life? This subject can be covered from my first blog. Concrete objects shouldn’t be a necessity. It’s abstract things that should be treasured, like love, peace, and harmony. Society has molded our minds into believing that we need the best of the best. We don’t. This is where advertisers and manufacturers obtain most of their income. Just because something newer seems to have more advantages than an older model doesn’t mean the older model is useless. Also, being CEO of a company doesn’t make a person any better than being one of the production workers. If you enjoy your job and it allows you to help other people, that’s all that matters. Society is trying to make us successful in any way possible, when in fact, we should be concentrating on becoming happy. Only through happiness can one be successful. Happiness is the feeling of personal satisfaction and a state of well-being. When you become happy, you know you are successful. You feel it inside your heart.


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