Friday, June 19, 2009

The Types of Needs

One of the biggest misconceptions in society is the idea of a need. Many people cannot differentiate a need from a want. A need is something an individual has to have in order to survive, or live, while a want is just something that will benefit an individual, such as making life easier. A need can benefit an individual in terms of survival, but in most cases, a want is used for entertainment or pleasure, which is not required for survival. To maintain survival, needs are categorized into three groups: replenishment, thermoregulation, and communication.

Replenishment is what individuals use to revitalize and recharge their systems with energy. There are four ways of doing this. First, one must eat food. Second, one must have at least water. Food and water give individuals energy throughout the day in order to survive. To recharge, an individual must rest and get sleep to increase their energy levels. Finally, one must work out and exercise to keep the organs working and blood flowing.

Thermoregulation is what keeps individuals at a temperature they are comfortable with and can tolerate in order to survive. There are three ways in doing this. First, to survive extreme weather conditions that the body cannot handle, an individual must have shelter. This will keep the individual from outside temperatures. However, inside a shelter, conditions may still be extreme and can be regulated by clothing. At the very most, an individual can use other forms of energy to stay at a decent temperature, whether inside or outside. These include a heater, air conditioner, fireplace, and a bonfire.

Communication is the way an individual expresses him or herself to others and gets feedback. There are four ways of doing this. An individual first learns about the world by moving; through the senses. When an individual waves a hand, they can feel the air moving through the fingers. An individual then learns by speaking. Once they can ask a question, an answer will follow and the individual has now been educated. After this, an individual then begins to write. Here, they express their feelings and wonders with images and words. Education is also introduced this way. Finally, an individual can also communicate with him or herself by expanding their knowledge into different parts of the brain that may assist them in predicting certain outcomes in their life and others’. This is called intuitive communication. In all four of these types of communication, education is imparted and fulfills the need of communication. Without communication, one cannot become educated and evolve.

Replenishment, thermoregulation, and communication are the keys to survival. Without one of these, an individual could not live. The questions remaining are does each individual have the right to each of these, and if so, is there a set amount? If so, why is there a set amount?


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